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Wexford & District Women’s and Schoolgirls’ Soccer League

Rules and Regulations

1.    Registration fee for adult players is €8 per player. Registration fee for schoolgirl players is €5 per player. Where a player is under the age of eighteen and registers for an adult team only, the adult registration fee of €8 per player will apply. Fees may be subject to change from season to season.

2.    Player registration forms and fees must be with the League Registrar at least twenty four hours before a player participates in a league match.

3.    Players must be properly registered at least one calendar day before a cup match.

4.(a)    A player may only be registered with one club at a time.

4 (b).  Any player who plays five or more games with a team from a higher level after August 31st in the same year as the league kicks off must get regraded to play in the Wexford and District Women's and Schoolgirls League. No regrading may take place after January 31st and no more that three regraded players can may play for any one time

5.    Clubs found playing unregistered players will be fined €80 and may have points deducted/ be removed from the competition at the discretion of the League.

6.    Every club in membership of the League shall be responsible to the committee for the actions of its players, officials and spectators and shall take all precautions to see that all matches are carried out in the proper manner.

7.    Payment of affiliation fees to the League constitutes acceptance of these rules.

8.    Each club must have a representative at all league delegate meetings. Failure to do so will result in a €50 fine.

9.(a) The League shall decide the format of promotion and relegation at the beginning of the season and shall inform clubs before the season begins.

9 (b) The team who finishes second bottom in Premier shall play off with the team who finishes runner up in Division One for a place in the following seasons Premier division

10.    While every effort will be made to adhere to promotion and relegation procedure as decided at the beginning of the season as in rule 9, the League Committee reserves the right to promote and relegate teams in the interests of balance and competiveness in the event of an influx of new teams or withdrawal of large numbers of teams.

11.    The Fixtures Secretary shall appoint the kick-off times for adult games which will be published in the local papers. The home team shall select kick-off times for schoolgirls’ games.

12.    The home team must contact their respective liaison officer and the opposing team before 10pm on the Wednesday preceding the game with kick-off time and all other relevant details. Failure to carry out any part of this rule will result in a €25 fine.

13.    The home team will be responsible for sending match results including names of any goal scorers and any other relevant events to the fixtures secretary before 5pm on the day of the match.

14.    The minimum size of pitches for U-10 and U-12 games will be 50 yards by 50 yards. Goal size must be 16 foot by 6 foot.

15.    The minimum size of pitches for all eleven-a-side games will be 100 yards by 50 yards. Goal size must be 24 foot by 8 foot.

16.    Under ten matches will be played seven-a-side on a small-sided pitch with five subs on a roll on/roll off basis, twenty minutes a side duration.

17.    Under twelve matches will be played seven-a-side on a small-sided pitch with five subs on a roll on/roll off basis, twenty minutes a side duration.

17 (b). Penalty spot on small sided pitches will be eight yards from centre of goal

18.    Under fourteen matches will be played eleven-a-side, thirty five minutes a side duration.

19.    Under sixteen matches will be played eleven-a-side, forty minutes a side duration.

20.    Under eighteen matches will be played eleven-a-side, forty five minutes a side duration.

21.    In all adult games five substitutes will be allowed. In all underage games, five substitutes will be allowed on a roll on roll off basis

22.    The League will supply referees for all matches including top divisions at Under ten level. In the lower Under ten divisions, the home team will organize a responsible person who shall referee all games excluding cup semi-finals and finals. The home team must still contact their divisional liaison officer with all details as per rule number 12.

23.    Pitches must be properly marked for all games under the control of the Wexford & District Women’s League, including schoolgirls’ games and fines will be implemented for sub-standard markings.

24.    Under FAI rules, all clubs competing in the League must have at the very least, public liability insurance and the policy number must be submitted on the affiliation form prior to the start of the season.

25.    Each club must produce an adequate medical kit to the referee prior to kick-off. Failure to do so will result in a €30 fine.

26.    Both sides must produce a pumped size 5 football to the referee before each game. Failure to do so will result in a €25 fine. Under ten and under twelve teams shall use a size 4 football.

27.    Match cards will be supplied to referees by the League at the start of the season and must be filled in and given back to the referee before each match begins. Match cards must be signed by the person in charge of each team who shall be responsible for any irregularities.

28.    Referees fees shall be set in conjunction with FAI rules and shall be communicated to clubs at the meeting preceding the league season kick-off.

29.    Each team must be properly attired in numbered jerseys from one to eleven and teams must have matching shorts and socks. Goalkeepers’ jerseys must be easily distinguishable from other players.

30.    Where there is a clash of colours, the onus is on the home team to change.

31.    Shin guards must be worn by all players.

32.    The late kick-off of any match will be reported by the referee and fines shall be imposed accordingly.

33.    Teams who fail to report for a match twenty minutes after the appointed kick-off time shall be deemed to have conceded a walkover (this is subject to investigation by the League Committee).

34.    Clubs giving a walkover shall be fined €200 plus referee’s fees at adult level. A fine of €100 plus referee’s fees applies to underage teams conceding a walkover.

35.    Any team giving two walkovers will be excluded from that season’s cup competitions.

36.    Teams who give two walkovers in a season must pay a bond of€200 before participating the next season. This bond shall be forfeited should the team give a walkover and the usual fine will also be applied.

37.    No club shall cancel or postpone a fixture for any reason whatsoever. Should the weather interfere, only the referee or league committee shall have the authority to postpone a fixture.

38.    A club can request a referee from the League to inspect their pitch if in doubt of its playability and must pay the referee’s travelling expenses to do so.

39.    Clubs giving ten days notice in writing (email is acceptable) can apply for one weekend off and also either Easter weekend or St Patrick’s weekend.

40.    Games will be postponed in the event of the death of a player, official or their immediate relation (mother, father, brother, sister, spouse) or in the event of exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the League.

41.    Abandoned games shall be investigated by the League Committee who shall take whatever action necessary regarding the result and awarding of points where relevant. Offending club or clubs shall be fined, up to €200 at the discretion of the League Committee.

42.    A club who withdraws its team from the League and returns the following season will be placed in the same division as when it withdrew unless proof of new players is submitted to the League. The League reserves the right to make whatever decision it deems appropriate in the circumstances .If the withdrawal is for more than one season, the League committee shall decide what division the team shall compete in. This applies to new clubs who join the League with a number of players from a defunct club also.

43.    Clubs who withdraw shall be subject to following fines

.          Womens League: €200

           Under 14, 16 and 18: €100

           Under 10 and 12: €75

44.    If a team withdraws having played even one match, all their remaining fixtures will be deemed walkovers with points awarded to their opponents. If a team withdraws before playing any match, their fixtures shall be declared void.

45.    When a club withdraws from the League owing money, each registered player of that club will be liable for a percentage of that money and cannot register for a new club until that money is paid.

46.    Under new FAI rules, transfers cannot take place after September 30th until December 1st when the transfer window will reopen until the 31st January.

47.    A club must release a player when requested by the player unless the club has a legitimate reason for not doing so and must submit this reasoning to the League committee.

48.    Players transferring from one club to another within the league must forward €25 with transfer form as well as registration form for new club. The transfer of players from one schoolgirl team to another schoolgirl team does not incur a transfer fee.

49.    No transfer of a player or players, in the schoolgirls’ league from U16 down between one club and another will be recognized without the correct documentation. Any player who was ever registered with a club and who wishes to transfer to another club must first obtain a release form from the current club. During the playing season, they must obtain a transfer form.

50.    Players being transferred from outside the League must have a relevant transfer form from their previous league or they will not be deemed registered. Players moving from summer to winter leagues do not need official transfer.

51.    The first registration or transfer of players under the age of eighteen and of non-Irish nationality must comply with the guidelines as issued by the FAI in compliance with FIFA rulings.

52.    No transfer fee is payable where a club has been defunct for over two years unless that club has outstanding debts to the League.

53.    When a player becomes a registered player with a club in the League in any season, it shall be an offence for any member or members of any other club in the League to request, encourage or influence that player or approach her parents/guardians with same intent during the season to:

    a)Seek transfer to another club without the prior permission of the player’s own club and the     League to the player being approached in such regard

    b)Participate in any training, coaching or games under the auspices of another club without     the prior permission of the player’s own club and the League to request the player to do so.     Such offences shall be called ‘poaching’ and any person deemed by the League Committee     to be engaging in such activity shall make himself/herself and or his/her club liable to a fine,     suspension and or removal from the League at the discretion of the League Committee.

    Players may be released by any club by giving notice in writing to the League Committee. A     release may be withheld if the Committee is dissatisfied concerning the circumstances     generally, or if in their opinion the player has been unduly enticed to leave her former club.

1.    No new club will be allowed to enter the League where an existing club would be adversely affected by this action. A list of players should be forwarded with new applications to show the new club would not be taking players from an existing club. This is open to investigation by the League and will take into account factors such as players’ places of residence etc.

2.    Where a team has more than one team in the women’s league or at the same age level in schoolgirls’ league, a player who has played four or more matches with the higher ranked team may not then play with the lower ranked team without first applying to the League committee for a re-grading. A re-grading cannot be applied for after January 1st.

3.    The abuse of referees from the sideline by management/supporters will not be tolerated and clubs will be severely fined/have points deducted. Constant offending will result in expulsion from the League.

4.    Sending’s off and bookings shall be reported to the League Committee by the referee and appropriate action taken. Five disciplinary points shall be awarded for each booking and on reaching twenty points a player shall be suspended for two games. Each sending off shall be dealt with on an individual basis.

5.    Players sent off in a match are automatically suspended for the next match in that age category and will be informed of any further suspensions or disciplinary measure against them.

6.    Suspensions will carry over into a new season. Disciplinary points will not.

7.    All fines must be paid one month after notification or €5 will be added each week until paid in full. If the debt is totally ignored, clubs will have fixtures suspended and possible loss of points in league matches and walkovers awarded against them in cup games.

8.    If a club has a query regarding a fine, they must contact the league treasurer within fourteen days of notification.

9.    All protests must be sent by registered post to the League secretary dated no later than four days after the incident in question. A copy of the protest must also be sent to the opposing club secretary, by registered post and dated no later than four days after the incident

10.    Protests to the League secretary must be accompanied by a postal order or a bank draft for €50. Cash or cheques will not be accepted and fee will be returned if a protest is upheld. Any appeals to the WFAI or FAI must adhere to the rules of that organisation.

11.    Clubs submitting information for cup final programmes should give player number they will be wearing in the final. Only in exceptional circumstances should this number be changed and failure to comply will result in a €30 fine.

12.    All cup games will be decided on the day with extra time and penalties including the final.

13.    Wexford Cup semi-finals to be played at a neutral venue with assistant referees. If possible both semi-finals will be played at the same venue on the same day.

14.    In any cup match where the home pitch is declared unplayable due to weather, the fixture will be reversed.

15.    Wherever possible, the trophy for each division of the League will be presented immediately after the match where a team’s points are such that no other team can win.

16.    The League shall award sixteen medals to the winners and runners up in all leagues and cups in eleven a side competitions, twelve medals shall be awarded to winners and runners up in seven a side competitions and fourteen medals shall be awarded to winners and runners up in nine a side competitions. Any extra medals required by teams must be ordered and paid for by the respective clubs.

17.    All cups and shields must be returned to the League no later than January 31st or earlier if required by the League. All cups and shields must be in good condition and the holders are responsible for having their name inscribed on the trophy.

18.    Clubs will be informed in writing/email of all upcoming league trials and club officials must inform all eligible players in their clubs of these trials. Failure to do so will result in a fine and possible other sanctions as decided by the League committee.

19.    Clubs requesting linesmen for a particular game must do so in writing five days prior to the match and are liable for their full fee plus expenses.

20.    Correspondence from cubs will only be accepted from the official contact named on affiliation form.




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